About support workers

What is a support worker?

A support worker is a person who provides you with assistance in all aspects of daily life, whether practically or emotionally.

Home school support worker - we have developed this role to work with children and young adults both at home and at school, to enable a holistic approach to the child's developmental and specific needs. Having the same support worker at home and in school settings has proven to be beneficial to everyone involved - the child, the parents, the school and the support worker themselves.

What skills will a support worker have?

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your support worker, so personality plays a big part. Only when the time is right for you is a support worker introduced. The aim is for the support worker to be a positive influence, assisting you to reach your maximum potential.

At JSP all support workers receive a comprehensive initial induction, training and regular supervision sessions with the case manager. This provides them with the skills essential to support you effectively. We can also provide specialist training for support workers who are working with adults with a brain injury.

How can a support worker help?

All of our clients have different priorities and needs but the role of a support worker can involve:

  • helping you with dressing, shopping, homework, organising and scheduling activities
  • motivating and encouraging you to engage in your exercises
  • accompanying you to social events
  • acting on your behalf if you are struggling 
  • maintaining your safety

To talk to us about your support needs, please call us on 0114 229 0100.