The legal process and beyond

If you have an injury through some form of trauma, where someone or an organisation is seen as being responsible, you can be facing a long and complicated legal process.

Usually, we begin working with you and your family in the early stages, which has two immediate benefits:

  • our guidance throughout the legal process with lots of support and advice
  • our knowledge of working with solicitors to help settle compensation claims

Our ability to simplify this unfamiliar situation for you comes from our specialist knowledge of complex injury.

We have a 20 year history of helping individuals in similar circumstances and working with legal teams. We believe that solicitors find it easy to work with us because of this. Our work with legal teams involves providing reports and witness statements, attending meetings and giving evidence in court if required.

Our support to you from the moment we begin working with you is personalised to your needs and priorities - whether the service we are providing is case management or occupational therapy. Many of our clients also receive practical day-to-day assistance from support workers.

If you would like to discuss with us how case management works within the legal process or our post trial work, please call us on 0114 229 0100.