Why choose JSP?

A service tailored to your needs

  • we understand that after an injury it can be difficult to get your opinions across to professionals working with you - your case manager will work as an advocate for you to help explore your thoughts and opinions and have them heard in any given situation
  • your case manager will meet you where you choose whether this is at home, at work or somewhere else - they will meet you as often as is necessary
  • at times when there may be no need to have regular visits, rest assured there will always be support if you need it
  • whatever the problems in your life, your case manager will support you to deal with them, either by helping you themselves or by finding the right person to help you - this may include help with managing finances, cooking, cleaning, shopping, childcare and working

Our experience and skills

  • we have a very large team of case managers at JSP and a member of the team will always be able to help you during periods of absence and in emergencies
  • we have offices in Sheffield, Manchester, the North East and Edinburgh where there are teams of case managers who are able to help and friendly administration staff who will answer your phone calls
  • your case manager will always ensure that you have the right contact details for the services that can support you outside of office hours

Help throughout the legal process

  • your case manager has a lot of experience of the legal process and will work closely with your solicitor to help understand what money you need and gather evidence to settle your claim
  • you will be guided through your litigation claim with lots of support and advice from your case manager

Ongoing help

  • your case manager has a good understanding of the benefits system and will support you with your applications
  • JSP can provide specialist rehabilitation to increase your levels of independence - this services is provided by highly skilled occupational therapists and rehabilitation assistants

Support workers

  • your case manager can recruit, train and manage your support staff on your behalf - you can take as much or as little a role in this process as you like.
  • our training team and rehabilitation service will work closely with your support staff to help them work effectively with you
  • your case manager will co-ordinate all wages, insurance and personnel issues for your support staff

Pay only for what you need

  • we do not charge a fixed monthly fee which could be expensive if you require only a small amount of your case manager’s time. In general, invoices will be sent to your solicitor, deputy or financial representative for payment