Good things come to those who sweat

Posted on: 18th May 2017

Richard’s personal trainer calls him an inspiration, after 2 years of hard work and perspiration

Richard Albone is 21 years old and has cerebral palsy, affecting his mobility and stamina. He likes to keep fit and started working with a physiotherapist just over 2 years ago to help him improve his core strength and stability.

To help with his physio programme, Richard found a personal trainer, Darren Cutler, to work with him on a regular basis. Richard and his mum Carol have been very impressed with Darren and Richard has made huge progress over the past 2 years.

“Richard had been struggling to motivate himself to do his exercise at home,” says Carol, “but going to the gym has proved much more beneficial for him. He really enjoys it and would go more often if he could. He is now finding his physio exercises a bit too easy, which just shows how far he has come.”

Richard normally trains with Darren twice a week - three times a week during college breaks. Carol says that the training has had a positive impact on Richard’s daily life, improving his stamina and his gait.

 “Though he hadn’t worked with someone with cerebral palsy before, Darren was able to adapt exercises to suit Richard,” says Carol.

Darren recently posted a blog on his website about Richard’s commitment and success, calling him an inspiration:

 “I get my motivation from people like Richard Albone! Richard suffers from cerebral palsy and has trained with me for nearly 2 years. Initially our target was to ease the pain caused by extreme Lordosis (curvature of the spine), an uncomfortable process which Richard tackled without complaint.

Richard never complains about training, is happy to take on new exercises, is always smiling and doesn't hide behind excuses. He is now performing movements that even his own physiotherapist said he would never be able to complete!”

Having already completed a BTEC and an HNC, Richard is now in his second year studying towards an HND in Sports Coaching and Development. He has been able to link his physio and personal training programmes in to his course work. Recently, he successfully completed a project putting together and presenting a PowerPoint presentation on core stability - a subject on which he now feels very knowledgeable.

Richard is also a massive football fan and is a season ticket holder at Newcastle Utd. He also volunteers with the Newcastle Utd Foundation and helps them with football coaching for children aged 5-16 during school holidays.

Richard’s case manager, Judith Gay, says Richard is a pleasure to work with. “It’s lovely to see him doing so well, as a result of his hard work.”

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