Graham gets creative

Posted on: 28th July 2014

Success for budding artist Graham

Graham has always enjoyed doing anything creative – be it painting, playing music or decorating cakes. Graham’s latest artwork entitled Editor’s Chair is currently on display at the adult learning department in Bridlington library. His mum, Catherine had a spare chair at home which Graham transformed into an impressive piece of art using decoupage for an art class project.

Graham suffered a brain injury when he was very young. “It’s amazing that he can’t walk without a zimmer frame but he can do so much sitting in his wheelchair,” says mum Catherine.

Graham takes part in a music and drama group at the library once a week, accompanied by his support workers Janet and Marie-Clare, as well as weekly art classes at Priority Enterprises.

“Graham’s support workers deserve a lot of praise – they sourced the classes and take him each week - he gets such a lot out of it,” says Catherine.

Graham’s painting Sunset on the Red Sea was also displayed at Hull Red, a nightclub for people with learning disabilities and their friends. The club had asked for submissions of artwork with a theme of ‘what red means to you’.

“He loves art and music,” says Catherine, “and he excels at them. His skills have improved so much.” Graham’s mum encourages his creativity and he has a host of musical instruments, from guitars and drums to a trombone and an accordion.

Graham’s love of music inspired his artwork called A Family of Strings – a piece he created for the Inspired by competition run by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. For this he made cardboard cut-outs of the four orchestral stringed instruments (violin, viola, cello and double-bass), painted them, added strings and placed all four on a background of sheet music.

Marie-Clare, Graham’s sister and support worker, takes him to one of his regular art classes. “His concentration has come on so much – because he really enjoys it he can focus on it for ages.” says Marie-Clare. “He’s really pleased that his work has been on display and he’s so proud of himself.”