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Vocational rehabilitation

What is vocational rehabilitation? Vocational rehabilitation is a process that enables those with a disability, health condition or impairment - be it functional, psychological, developmental, cognitive or emotional - to overcome barriers to employment or other useful occupation. At JSP we have been providing
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Look Ahead in the North

Posted on: 18th March 2015

Thrills spilled at Headway’s fifth Look Ahead in the North event

Case managers Sarah Harrison, Kate Carty & Gillian Thomson went to the Headway ‘Look Ahead in the North’ event with their families last weekend.

The event took place at the Calvert Trust, Kielder, on 13th-15th March 2015. It included a range of outdoor activities for visitors to try out - including the ‘king swing’, which can be raised to 10 metres off the ground.

Sarah braved the king swing and her screams echoed across the site! Watch the video:

It was a great weekend and all for a fantastic cause. To find out more about Headway or the Calvert Trust, please click the links below.

Calvert Trust