Lunchtime work outs boost motivation in Manchester

Posted on: 6th August 2018

JSP staff in Manchester have been doing HIIT (high-intensity interval training) training at lunchtime and are seeing the benefits.

Susann Joyce, office manager and PA to the regional manager, says that the work outs have proved to be good for team morale and productivity.

“They’re great as they get the team together, we have a laugh and it keeps us motivated in the afternoon.”

The daily half-hour classes were started by Levi Steedman, administrator, who is a mixed martial arts enthusiast and is currently being trained to train others in the sport. The whole team have got involved and have been enjoying taking part for the past 6 weeks.

Fiona Howson, regional manager, says: “Exercise has physical, psychological and social benefits. Getting started is often the hardest bit. By doing these classes in the office at lunchtime, we can all motivate each other and we don’t have to take time out of our day before or after work.”

Great stuff team!