Meeting the CQC’s care standards

Posted on: 18th February 2014

Our services in Manchester were inspected by the CQC in January 2014 and are deemed fully compliant, joining our North East office who were inspected in May 2013.

JSP has been registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC – formerly CSCi) for many years and has always had a favourable inspection report. We take our registration seriously and strive to ensure we not only meet the 16 standards set by the CQC, but exceed them. In April 2013 we appointed an internal quality and compliance manager to assist us to achieve high standards in our service delivery.

Manchester's inspection report is due to be published on the CQC website. We will provide a link to the report on our home page as soon as it is available.

The CQC speak to staff, clients and support workers when assessing the standard of care we provide. Here are some of the comments given to inspectors:

“They are very good, everybody stays in touch and they discussed what I needed. The occupational therapist sorted for me to have a bathroom downstairs to help me stay as mobile as possible.” - JSP client on getting safe and appropriate care that meets their needs and supports their rights

“I think the service is excellent. We are all singing from the same song sheet.” - Relatives of a JSP client on the service we provide

“I had a good induction and all the training to meet specific client’s needs with local providers. I can’t fault the company, I work closely with case managers, have access to support and training. I had six month probation; I shadowed staff for a couple of weeks. Induction was amazing; they take you through things in a practical way step by step.” - JSP support worker on ensuring clients are cared for by properly qualified and able staff

“I think JSP have been brilliant. They have been great with me.” - JSP client on the service we provide

Our two offices in Sheffield have just had their inspections and are expecting the results in the coming few weeks. We will provide a link to the Sheffield service reports on our home page as soon as they become available.