Recognition for highest standard of care for our clients

Posted on: 2nd February 2016

Our North East office achieves excellent feedback under the Northumberland Quality Monitoring Framework

We’re proud to share our feedback from Northumberland County Council’s Wellbeing & Community Health Services following their 2015 Quality Monitoring Framework assessment. Of the 6 standards, listed below, we achieved 100% in 5 and 96% in the other.

This kind of recognition is hugely motivating for us as an organisation and drives our aim not just to meet but to exceed expectations of the services we provide. You can download the feedback report below.

1. Improved Health and Emotional Well-being

The Provider promotes and facilitates the health and wellbeing of its service users. Service users enjoy access to appropriate support and treatment when required.

2. Improved Quality of Life

The provider promotes independence and supports service users to live a fulfilled life, making the most of their capacity and potential.

3. Increased choice and control

The Service Users have access to choice and control of good quality care, which is responsive to individual needs and preference.

4. Freedom from discrimination or harassment

The Service users have access to care without hindrance from discrimination or prejudice. Service users feel safe and are safeguarded from harm.

5. Maintaining personal dignity and respect

The Provider provides care and support that respects the individuals and preserves their dignity at all times.

6. Business Management

The organisation can demonstrate good business management which assists them to meet all service users outcomes.

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