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Vocational rehabilitation

What is vocational rehabilitation? Vocational rehabilitation is a process that enables those with a disability, health condition or impairment - be it functional, psychological, developmental, cognitive or emotional - to overcome barriers to employment or other useful occupation. At JSP we have been providing
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Starting a family

Posted on: 1st July 2015

Anthony and Margi welcomed the arrival of baby Elizabeth at the end of 2014. They’re now settled and enjoying parenthood.

Anthony and his partner Margi became proud parents of Elizabeth Rose on Christmas Eve 2014. Anthony told us that baby Elizabeth has his chin and curly hair and her mum’s cute button nose.

“I didn’t expect to be a father just yet,” says Anthony, “and it’s been a bit tricky but I’m loving being a dad and Margi loves being a mum.”

Due to a brain injury sustained when he was very young, Anthony has needed support, case management and occupational therapy to help him in the transition to adulthood.

Anthony’s case manager Paula has seen a change in him since becoming a dad. “Fatherhood has presented some challenges for him,” says Paula, “but he has grown from it and he’s embraced his new role. Since I’ve worked with Anthony, he’s become more self-sufficient and plans head. He recognises that he needs support and appreciates the benefits of having support, such as being able to take part in activities in the community.”

Now in his early twenties, Anthony is living independently with Margi and enjoying fatherhood. “My mum moved out, so it’s just us,” says Anthony. “I like being there for my daughter and for Margi – it’s changed my life for the better.”

“Anthony’s been great,” says Margi, “and Elizabeth loves cuddles with her dad.”

With Elizabeth now 6 months old and (luckily for her parents) sleeping through the night, Margi and Anthony have some more good news – they’re expecting a little brother or sister for Elizabeth in early December. We wish them all the best for their new family.