Winter wonderland

Posted on: 23rd December 2015

Debbie’s miniature town with a festive theme

With the help of her support team and family, Debbie has crafted an entire Scandinavian-inspired townscape she calls ‘Tomte Town’ complete with ice skating rink, ski resort, band stand, pub, fairground, train track and more.

Tomtes are mythological creatures from Scandinavian folk lore who would give presents to good children. Debbie and her support team have written an origin story for their village, incorporating some pieces of the Tomte legend (available to download below).

Debbie lives in rural Northumberland with her husband David and their 4 children. In 2001 Debbie sustained a brain injury resulting in multiple physical and cognitive difficulties. She has a team of support workers who help her with daily tasks and they have helped her to create the town. “The team have enjoyed helping with the project and Mini in particular has worked especially hard to bring Debbie’s vision to life,” says Ingrid, support team leader.

“The project started about 3 years ago with an oval shaped mirror, which we thought would make a good ice rink,” says Ingrid. “From there the town has grown and grown, using as many recycled materials as possible.”

Debbie has invited her family and support workers to a ‘Tomte Express’ themed party, inspired by the film The Polar Express. Some staff members are dressing up as tomtes and Debbie as the Tomte Mayoress. In true Polar Express style all the children will be wearing their PJs and Debbie has hidden a magical sleigh bell in the town for them to find.

“Debbie’s a character,” says Debbie’s case manager, “She, her family and her support team are a real pleasure to work with.”

“Debbie is an extremely family orientated person,” says Ingrid. “She is extremely excited about the party and spreading festive joy!”

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