Meet Tracy Johnson

We interviewed Tracy, our support worker training lead, on herself and her professional background. 

Tracy is one of JSP's secret weapons!

She works within our training team and is passionate about all things training. Ask her how she found her career as a trainer and she will laugh and say in her warm Geordie accent "Because someone else didn't turn up". Working as a nurse at North Tees Hospital at the time, Tracy's first ever training session involved being drafted in at the last minute to deliver training in catheterisation. She says "I just loved it". 

Tracy has always worked in healthcare and mental health one way or the other. Having also worked for the Stroke Association, Alzheimers Society and Womens Aid, she completed her nursing training whilst working as a brain injury support worker. So with her rich background in healthcare, Tracy embarked on and completed her PGCE to become a qualified trainer. 

Here at JSP, she takes the role of Support Worker Training Lead – a role to which both personally and professionally she is ideally matched.

“I’d come across case management when I was working as a brain injury support worker so I knew what the company did, but I’d never come across case management like it is here” she replies, when asked why she accepted the role. “The ethos and values aren’t the usual expounded values of person centredness – they actually are the values, with all the boundary-crossing and risk-taking that that entails. Here, person-centred means exactly that”.

It has been said of Tracy that there isn’t anything she couldn’t train in, which begs the question, what is her favourite subject to train others in? Unsurprisingly, she returns to her role as a nurse and says without hesitation “Medication”. How come? “Because having done the job, I’ve witnessed enough bad practice that I feel almost compelled to make sure people get this right”.

“The biggest surprise in joining JSP was finding out about the funding issues around training our clients support workers – and the fact that they don’t actually all come on our specialised training programme, but our biggest success is the take up we have had this year which has been phenomenal”. There has been a 65% increase in demand for our support worker training offering this year, which demonstrates the need for specialist skills of those that work to support our client group. Tracy says “they aren’t just support workers, they are super support-workers”. This increase is in no small part due to the work that has been done by our training team to demonstrate the difference in quality and outcomes for our clients when learners are in a classroom. “Once someone has experienced being trained in a classroom, they understand why online learning doesn’t come close” says Tracy, “and that goes for all support workers we train and not just those that work with our clients”.

As dedicated to her own learning as she is to teaching others, Tracy is now studying for a master’s degree in education and training. Due to finish this summer, her dissertation ‘Emotional Intelligence and the Correlation between Academic and Personal Development’ will make interesting reading.

Away from work and learning, Tracy’s attention is focussed on her family, her boxer-cross Roxy, walking, travelling, live music and gin – but as Tracy says “never enough on gin”!

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