Support worker training

As a support worker you have a diverse role – there are few jobs that include such a variety. Support workers often say that no two days are the same, which is what makes the role both challenging and exciting!

We recognise that starting work as a support worker can be really challenging, so we provide a comprehensive induction for our support workers and training in a range of key areas.

In order to meet the needs of your client on a daily basis you will draw on many skills and qualities that you already have. To enhance your existing skills and to help you develop new ones, JSP offers support and training specific to the role of a support worker in this field of work.

Our training for support workers includes:

As well as our in-house training, we can also help to place you on the Health and Social Care diploma Level 2 or Level 3. We can usually source funding for this course – please discuss this with your case manager.

If you are interested in attending any of our courses, please speak to your case manager. Alternatively, please call Tracy Johnson, support worker training lead, on 01661 845960 or email