Vocational rehabilitation

What is vocational rehabilitation?

Vocational rehabilitation is a process that enables those with a disability, health condition or impairment - be it functional, psychological, developmental, cognitive or emotional - to overcome barriers to employment or other useful occupation.

At JSP we have been providing occupational therapy services within the medico-legal framework, including return to work programmes, since 1999 and we now have teams of specialist OTs covering the Midlands, North of England, Wales.

What we do
Working with clients
Working with employers
Working with solicitors
Why choose us?

What we do

We work with individuals affected by catastrophic injury, complex disabilities and other health conditions to help them find, remain in or return to work. Our holistic and client centred approach, along with robust processes to monitor and evidence progress, help our clients to achieve their vocational goals.

We can assist at any stage of a client’s work journey, from establishing areas of interest to working with current employers and negotiating reasonable adjustments. We can also support clients and their employer through the transition of leaving employment.

Our vocational rehabilitation service can include:

  • initial assessment to identify the client’s capacity, functional skills and aspirations
  • interventions to improve self-management, fatigue management and cognitive difficulties
  • working closely with employers to make reasonable adjustments
  • job opportunity research, identification and analysis
  • work simulation assessments
  • wellness recovery action plan (WRAP)
  • worksite and workplace assessments
  • phased return to work plan
  • cost effective recommendations
  • working alongside occupational health services, disabled employment advisors and job centres
  • identifying alternative vocational routes such as study, training and volunteer work
  • work exit planning
  • medico legal and expert witness services

Our occupational therapists adhere to the standards and guidelines set out by the College of Occupational Therapy, the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine and the Vocational Rehabilitation Association.

Working with clients

Many clients benefit from vocational assessments and return to work programmes as, while the home environment may be fairly unchallenging to the higher level client, a work environment can be very different.

We will meet with the client initially to assess their capabilities, tolerance, learning potential, functional skills and impairments. We will discuss their work and medical history, interests, aspirations and what vocational route they want to go down. Our aim is to know the client inside out before we approach their potential or current employer.

We continue to support the client throughout their return to work programme, liaising with their employer, school or college to review their progress and resolve any issues that may arise.

Working with employers

Supporting employers goes hand in hand with supporting our clients. We meet employers equipped with sound knowledge of our client, job role at hand and up to date knowledge of employment law so we can discuss all aspects of the role and identify where they need support.

We will explore potential reasonable adjustments and return to work plans with the employer, ensuring they are fully prepared for all eventualities. Every return to work programme is an experiment and sometimes things don’t work out and the employer may need to be open to alternative ways of supporting the client.

Our bespoke and thorough approach ensures employees can return to work in a timely and appropriate manner, fully supported by us and their employer.

Working with solicitors

We are experienced in working with clients’ legal representative throughout the litigation process, providing assessments and reports, attending conferences with counsel, writing witness statements and attending court.

Our skilled occupational therapy teams work efficiently and flexibly, so we are able to adapt to referral timescales and requirements.

Why choose us?

  • specialists in complex disabilities, needs and situations
  • skilled and responsive occupational therapists share their wide-ranging experiences
  • regional teams with excellent knowledge of the local area and useful resources
  • close and available to our clients, keeping travel costs to a minimum
  • services fully supported by local administration teams
  • upholding professional standards including those set by the COT
  • up to date with changes and developments in care and litigation
  • rehabilitation assistants work with our clients to enhance rehab programmes
  • clear progression shown using evidence based outcomes
  • dignity champions - putting our clients at the centre of everything we do

For more information or to refer to a client to our vocational rehabilitation service, please contact Denise Slack, clinical lead (occupational therapy) on 0114 229 0100 or deniseslack@jspsh.co.uk

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